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ECU Remapping FAQ

RPT’s ECU Remapping FAQ provides answers to our customer’s questions and provides an insight into how we remap your vehicles engine for better performance

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    A: ECU Remapping removes the restrictions placed on a vehicles engine by the manufacturer by overwriting the original software with a tuned opitomised software. Remapping is a performance conversion that will seriously improve the power of the engine and the durability of your car.
    A: Vehicle manufacturers do not open the full potential of an engine because they sell their cars all over the world and must consider different fuel grades, exhaust emission regulations, speed-limits, model ranges and atmospheric conditions.
    A: One of our technicians will retrieve a copy of the electronic files (maps) from your vehicles ECU via its On Board Diagnostics Port or PCB Port. They will then pass it on to our engineering department techs for epitomising in line with the specific make and model of vehicle. Once the files have been epitomised, it will be returned to the vehicles ECU. These maps are unique and tailored to suit the specific vehicle, which is being remapped at that time. This lets your vehicle perform to its true potential. There are no negative effects on the engine and with no add on components, no one only you will know we have worked on your vehicle. Please note we only work within what we call the ‘green zone’ when remapping vehicles. Our remaps are designed for everyday driving and long-term use.
    A: We do not alter any hardware on your vehicle, there are no visible add on components and after we have reinstalled the maps to your vehicles ECU, no one only you will know the vehicle has been remapped.
    A: ECU remapping will benefit both petrol and diesel engines. However, turbo diesel injection models will show the greatest results from a performance and economy point of view.
    A: We ask our customers to have their vehicle available for us to work on for one working day. We often complete the remapping in less time, approx. 4 to 6 hours.
    A: We can offer a mobile remapping service at your location, it depends on car make and model, also access to the internet will be required. Please check for availability.
    A: ECU remapping is the modern term replacing that of ‘chip-tuning’, although the term chip tuning is still widely used. Chip-tuning refers to the actual process of physically modifying the ECU chip which was required before the late 1990’s and before all cars were fitted with a standardized OBD port. From about 1998, most car engines where able to be tuned by accessing the ECU remotely. This is a safer and more effective form of electronic tuning.
    A: No because all the car specific parameters like engine number and chassis number will be as the original once was.
    A: Yes every customer’s original file is stored and can get uploaded to the ECU at any later date.

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