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Welcome To ECU Thailand

ECU Thailand provides a engine tuning Remapping service, which enables more of the full potential of your vehicles engine to be used. Manufacturers actually limit the performance of vehicles; this is to take into consideration things like destination, exhaust emission regulations, speed-limits, poor servicing and model ranges. We remove these restrictions and this lets your vehicle perform to its true potential.

What we do to a engine

Every Remap we undertake is tailored to suite the specific vehicle we are working on at that time. We read the data contained on your current ECU (called Maps) and these Maps we alter to provide optimum performance for your driving style here in Thailand.

Vehicles we carry out remapping on

We carry out remap tuning services on Trucks, everyday Road Cars, Motorbikes, Boats, Jet-Skies and track racers in Thailand. The increase in performance is immediately noticeable.

How long does remapping take?

We can complete Remapping here in Thailand in a couple of hours.

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Extra Performance Gains From ECU Thailand Remapping Service
  • Up to 30% more power.
  • Up to 35% more torque.
  • No speed-limit
  • Reduced 0 to 60 Times.
  • Improved acceleration.
  • Enhanced throttle response.
  • Removal of flat spots.
  • A more responsive engine.
  • Better fuel economy.

An engine ECU board

An Engine Control Unit PCB (ECU) For Your Inspection

Vehicles we can remap

Most vehicles manufactured from the late 1990s can benefit from remaps.

We carry out engine tuning remapping on Jaguar, Toyota Porsche, Isuzu and many more

Piasini logo, ECU Thailand's Engine Tuning Associate From Italy.

Piasini Engineering Italy.

Piasini Engineering ranks today among the companies that head the leadership worldwide for electronic tuning on engines. All work is carried out in order to obtain from them the best performance, from an electronic point of view.

Here at ECU Thailand, we are proud to be Piasini's Thai associates and carry out all of our tuning work to their highest standards. We are able to offer a same day engine remapping service on all vehicles.