At RPT ECU Thailand you will discover the full potential of your vehicles Engine

ECU Remapping Engine Tuning Specialists RPT ECU Thailand

ECU Remapping Engine Tuning by RPT ECU Thailand
ECU Remapping Chip Tuning Services


Remapping your vehicles Engine Control Unit “ECU”, delivers up to 30% more power and up to 35% more torque. This ensures your vehicle has optimal engine performance and provides a better driving experience for you. more about RPT’s ECU Remapping Service.

The new AWD7500 Rolling Road 7500 Series dynamometer installed at Ritter Performance Tuning Bangkok Thailand
Rolling Road Dynamometer


Now installed in our new tuning shop here in Bangkok, is the awesome AWD7500 Rolling Road Dynamometer. This state of the art equipment, enables us to test & fine tune your vehicles engine. Read more about our Dyno, which is also available for private hire by engineers.

ecu remapping with PedalBox Accessories
PedalBox Accessories


PedalBox developed by DTE Systems of Germany improves the responsiveness of modern motor vehicles. RPT ECU Thailand are the official installers of this device that maximises driving pleasure by giving you Maximum efficiency & driving fun. PedalBox Read More.

Proven Technology

Our company has invested in the very latest motoring technology to make sure we can always deliver to our customers a 100% driving satisfaction.

Results Driven

At RPT ECU Thailand we are results driven, by this we mean performance and reliability of a motor vehicle is uppermost in our minds at all times.

Top Performance

We guarantee after your vehicle visits our tuning shop here in Bangkok Thailand, it will leave with a lot more performance than it arrived with.

Winning Culture

We have teamed up with the legends of the motor tuning world Piasini Italy and DTE Germany (PedalBox) to give you’re engine the winning culture.


RPT ECU Thailand are the ECU Remapping Engine Tuning Specialists for Petrol and Diesel, Cars, Trucks, Pick-Ups, Motor Bikes and Marine Engines. ECU Thailand was established here in Bangkok by our chief engineer and German owner a little of 10 years ago.

RPT’s ‘Engine Control Unit’ remapping service, optimises the performance of your vehicles engine and delivers an increase of up to 30% in BHP ‘POWER’ and 35% in Torque ‘DRIVEABILITY’. We can also remove engine speed restrictors or governors, thus making for a more responsive exciting driving experience for you.

A vehicles Engine Control Unit ‘ECU’ is a small computer, which runs the engine, this controls the air/fuel mixture & ignition timing. It also imposes limits on speed and revs. These variables are called a ‘map’. Maps can be modified via an On Board Diagnostics ‘OBD’ with new programming without need to remove the ECU from a vehicle. This process is called remapping, also known as ‘Chip Tuning’. The ECU is set up at the factory when new, but is only given basic instructions and does not take into account the local geo conditions; this makes the engine perform below its true potential. Learn more on Remapping Here.


Search our ECU remapping archives and see the power and torque increases we have obtained for our customers on vehicles like yours.

The tuning cafe at RPT Thailand


While creating our new ECU remapping engine tuning centre here in Bangkok, we thought it would be a great idea to have somewhere our customers could relax in while work on their vehicle was being carried out.

The Tuning Café is located next to the Dynamometer ‘Rolling Road’, with windows that enable you to watch all work in progress on your vehicle. Here you can relax and enjoy a cool drink or even a meal and we even serve great coffee. There is FREE WIFI and big screen TV and we are just a across the road from a Golf Driving Range.

The Café and ECU remapping chip tuning centre are also available for product launches and special events. An ideal venue for motoring enthusiast’s to hold private parties. Please telephone us to discuss your requirements. Visit the Tuning Café

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